When the Canal Runs Dry

I know it’s been a hot, dry year, but we did get some rain this week. Where did the canal go? I hope this is temporary!*

At least the reflections of the buildings in the small bit of remaining water is quite nice, and as always, the gorgeous colors of Bologna make any view that little more charming.

Bologna canal reflection

*It is. After breaking out my Italian Google Fu, I do believe this is the result of annual autumnal maintenance on the Bologna canal system, though I thought it was supposed to be finished a week ago. Perhaps the rains delayed the work!

When Bologna Canals Glow and Flow

My mental focus is on a Dutch Symbolism artist and the prevalent virgin/whore complex of the fin de si├Ęcle, so Italy has to take a bit of a backseat today until I get this magazine art column written. See? I can ramble on about more than just Italian Renaissance rustication. And they pay me! Now if only I could get someone to pay me to go on and on about rustication …

Anyway, as a quick weekly photo challenge entry — and a bit of procrastination — my glow-themed picture is a green, glowy and flowy picture of one of Bologna’s canals taken in August. As I’ve mentioned before, most of Bologna’s canals are now underground, but the city used to be a veritable Venice, or at least Amsterdam. Plus, there’s a bonus video taken that same day, with a bird flying artfully around and a bit of aural sensory experience.

Bologna canal things to see in Bologna weekly photo challenge

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