Holiday Home Stretch

Only two more days left on the advent calendar before it’s officially Christmas. (Our advent calendar is given over to cat and dog treats and Lola rushes over to it every morning when I get up.) We’re basically ready for the holidays; just a little more wine to purchase and make sure we have enough pet food stocked up.

I took a lot of photos last night and today, but I’m honestly too tired to go through them all and figure out themes and do any research. So for now, here are two holiday-themed photos from last night. One cute little holiday light display, and one odd little hut made of Christmas greenery with Charlie looking away distracted. Hopefully I’ll get around to some of the other holiday light photos tomorrow. For now, happy Friday and good luck if you’re going to be facing any last-minute crowds this weekend!

holiday lights bologna italy natale

holiday lights bologna italy natale

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