Revisiting an Old Friend in Florence 

A trip to the US Consulate tomorrow is the perfect excuse to go see an old friend: the Palazzo Strozzi. I haven’t seen her since the late ’90s, and back then she wasn’t big on visitors going inside. But now she’s quite open and even hosting an exhibit of some of the art of the Cinquecento, which is an added bonus.

On my last visit I made do with a great deal of gawking at her glorious exterior and caressing her beautiful rustication. We’d had a long-distance relationship for years before that, you see. I spent a semester at uni studying her history and personal style and those who helped make her the stunning palazzo she was destined to become.
It has been years, but my heart still thrills at the mere thought of seeing her.

Palazzo Strozzi Florence Firenze renaissance architecture

Many more photos likely to come!

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